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Escape from the Unmanned Vehicle Company: A Fraud to Find the Failure of Pan Xia

2019-05-09 11:25:40

Infer other things from one fact

Why I Escape from the Unmanned Vehicle Company is worth paying attention to two situations: one is that there are some "fraudulent subsidiaries" in the field of automatic driving, which deserves vigilance; the other is that in the development of technology, local government decision-making is becoming more and more mature, which is gratifying.

These two days, an article entitled "Why I Escape from the Unmanned Vehicle Company" became popular on the Internet.

This programmer-like article tells the story of the owner of an unmanned car company who used the unmanned car as a money-recycling tool, deceived employees at home, tried to deceive local governments abroad, and waited for the state-owned car companies to accept the offer, but ultimately failed.