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Is the door red? A-share market opened lower and the Shanghai Stock Index fell 3% and lost 3,000 poi

2019-05-09 11:04:50

On the news side, during the May 1 holiday period, according to Xinhua News Agency on May 1, from April 30 to May 1, Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council and Chinese leader of the China-US Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, held the 10th round of high-level economic and trade consultation between China and the United States in Beijing with U.S. Trade Representative Letheze and Finance Minister Mnuchin. In accordance with the established arrangements, the two sides will hold the eleventh round of high-level economic and trade consultation between China and the United States in Washington next week.

In the Asia-Pacific stock market, during the May Day holiday, when the A-share market was closed, the Hong Kong stock market stepped out of the independent market. The Hang Seng Index, the Hang Seng State-owned Enterprise Index and the Hang Seng Hong Kong Chinese-funded Enterprise Index rose by 1.61%, 0.56% and 0.82% respectively in a week, and walked out of the May "open-door red" market.

For A shares, Liaison Securities analysis believes that the recent market adjustment mainly comes from the earlier valuation recovery, but the signs of economic recovery have become more and more obvious, there will be a significant recovery in the future earnings side.

Starstone believes that in the short term, the market does not rule out the possibility of cross-market, the rhythm of future market rise may change, but the trend of slow cattle will not change, in the medium and long term, it is still in the period of bull market.

Haitong Securities pointed out that the market may continue to dip sharply in the short term, which can control the position to participate in the rebound. After the breakdown of Shanghai 3150, it will become a technical pressure level. It is expected that there will be a period of shocks and saws in the narrow range of 3000-3150. Operationally, we should explore low-level buying opportunities when adjusting the market. On the one hand, we should pay attention to high ROE and low valuation. On the other hand, we should continue to look forward to the 5G industry chain and the new energy industry chain.

Looking at this week alone, Huaxin Securities believes that the GEM market at the beginning of this week is expected to boost risk appetite of investors on the market, and then make a multi-mood repair, which will promote a reparative rebound in the index due to the sharp surge of Sino-US and Hong Kong stock technology stocks. As for height, 3150 point area is an important resistance area for the rebound in the next stage, so the rebound space can not be too optimistic. Specifically, the operation is still dominated by rolling operation of small positions, followed by the rise of uncontrollable periphery risks, which will play a decisive role in the short-term market, can not be prevented.